Meaningful brands and visual id's for you to write your story.

Here, each brand is designed with attention and care, knowing and respecting the journey of each woman; translating your dreams and inspirations. See some of our projects.

 Redesign + Id. Full Visual Id + Stationery

Gaioka is the company of landscape architect Nicolle Maia, Master in Sustainable Architecture from the University of Sydney. The main objective of the studio is to share and to be change, planting the seed of sustainability through more human inspirations and projects, integrated with nature, bringing well-being and environmental quality to the spaces we inhabit.

Its name originates from the union of the words GAIA (mother earth) and OKA (house). The leaflet of the Mostera Adansonii plant was chosen to represent the studio together with the initial ‘G’. For the visual identity of Gaioka, we created a personalized watercolor, applied to the expedient material and the brand stationery.

Studio Gagliano is the brand of Anna Gagliano, professional with over 20 years of yoga practice and training in India. The logo was created from the gingko biloba leaf. The tree, considered a living fossil, has existed for more than 200 million years and is also a symbol of peace and longevity, having survived the atomic explosions in Japan. Its leaves are considered beneficial for health and, therefore, associated with the description ‘Yoga to restore, renew and rejuvenate’. The shape of the sheet refers to a person with open arms, communicating positivity. The detail of the cutout reinforces Anna’s individual and exclusive service. For this project, in addition to visual identity, we developed the studio’s website and its photographs in partnership with Natacha Guevara.

Eixo is an artistic residency based in Mosteiró, led by the dancer and Master in Contemporary Art Practices, Isabel Costa and the dancer and researcher Malena Albarracin. The principle of the project is to act as an artistic center outside the Porto-Lisbon axis, promoting residences and activities with the local community. The mushroom colony emerged as an unusual element that refers to creativity and collective construction, in a countryside context. For Eixo, in addition to visual identity, we did the website and its photographs in partnership with Natacha Guevara.

Keely Denham
  Package + Promotion

Keely Denham is an Australian singer, songwriter and interpreter with a unique voice, who I met in Porto. In this project, I was able to create together with her and her production company, defining the technique and style of the illustrations. The project included the creation of the CD envelope (with a special folding without glue and from an A4 sheet), illustrated watercolor covers of the singles ‘Leaves’, ‘Like (Dying)’ and the EP ‘Blue Leaves’, and its launch materials (poster, social media cards, Facebook cover, Youtube and Spotify). The photographs of the project are by Martina Alves.

Cuco Produções
  Visual Id.

Cuco Produções is the cultural producer of Liége Biasotto, with 10 years of existence and more than 70 projects carried out. For the logo, we used the bird that gives the company its name. Known for its singing and associated with the awakening of the clock, the cuckoo and the yellow color refer to vitality and communication.

For Cuco, in addition to visual identity, we created materials for more than 10 projects including the 7th Porto Alegre International Street Theater Festival and the Ulbra Chamber Orchestra Concerts.