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Louise Kanefuku, fundadora do Woolf Studio
Louise Kanefuku, fundadora e sócia do Woolf Studio. Foto Martina Alves
Since 2019

About Woolf Studio

Woolf Studio was created in 2019 by Louise Kanefuku to, through design, strengthen the brand and business of other women. Our name is a tribute to the writer Virgínia Woolf, who, in the book “a room of one’s own”, points out the economic inequality between genders as one of the many factors that disadvantage and limit the autonomy of women.
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Our services
Our Services

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To Create

To define the brand guidelines and create (or update) your visual identity.

• Brand Workshop
• Logo and Visual Identity
• Rebranding



To Consolidate

Consistency to your brand

• Website
• Newsletter
• Stationary
• Package
• Signaling
• Editorial design
• Institutional Illustration

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• Prints
• Social Midia
• Merchandising 
• Decor 2D
• Gifts


What our clients say

"Working with Louise is very easy and pleasurable, as she is a methodical professional and with a great sensitivity to understand the nature of the projects and to surprise herself and others. We rely entirely on her work and her ability to respond. We are very satisfied with the image of EIXO Artistic Residencies, as we consider that it exceeded on a positive, all our expectations! "
Malena Albarracín e Isabel Costa
Eixo Residências Artísticas • Mosteiró, PT
"Louise is an excellent designer and visual artist! I have already done more than 10 projects with her. In addition to being super talented and sensitive to the needs of the project, she is very helpful and attentive to deadlines! I highly recommend her!"
Liége Biasotto
Cuco Produções • Porto Alegre, BR
"I highly recommend! Louise is a very experienced and qualified professional, has a refined aesthetic refinement and a sensitivity that guarantees a very special final result."
Aline Andres
Jornadas de Transformação • Porto Alegre e Rio de Janeiro, BR
"Louise is an artist that works closely to the soul. The soul of the client connected with her own. Working with Louise is always a creative journey, collaborating ideas to find the perfect result. Her sensibility to her work and eye for design always gives me great confidence to continue to work with her. Always a pleasure, always a smile. Highly recommend working with her!"
Nicolle Maia
Gaioka Studio • Porto, PT e São Paulo, BR
"Louise's artwork was what enchanted and captivated me initially, when I was looking for professionals to produce my studio logo and website. The final result is incredible because she captured the essence and values ​​of my yoga studio very well, and applied it beautifully and sensitively to my graphic identity and website. I’m still working with Woolf Studio and recommend it!"
Anna Gagliano
Studio Gagliano • Vila Nova de Gaia, PT
"I was very satisfied with all the support from Louise in each phase of the project, from the first meeting to create the visual identity to the help finalising the packaging to be printed. I, as a female entrepreneur, identified myself with the proposal of her work and her kind and professional communication. The result could not have been more complete, full of love and gratitude. Today, working with my brand is the fulfillment of a dream."
Cissa Luz de Carvalho
Solar • Porto, PT